Dining out


Dining out

While we encourage you to stay in and take advantage of our staffing provided in the villa cost, dining out is definitely a treat not to be missed in Sri Lanka.

With influences from Arab traders, Malay navigators, Portuguese, Dutch and British colonists and the islands’ South Indian neighbours, Sri Lankan cuisine is complex, fascinating and utterly delicious.

Curries are the staple (meat, vegetable and even fruit). Full of the rich spices that have been grown and traded here over the centuries, they range from mild to fire-hot, most with the coconut milk base that is a distinct feature of Sri Lankan cuisine.

These are served with side dishes such as pickles, chutneys and zesty ‘sambols’; the most well known is the coconut sambol, a paste of coconut, chili peppers, dried fish and lime juice.

There are plenty of options for eating out – from street food to high-end restaurants and you’re not restricted to Sri Lankan food – everything from Thai and pizza to Full English breakfasts and high tea is available in Galle.

Don’t miss the abundance of fresh fish here either – particularly good cooked simply at small local restaurants down on the coast.

We’ve put a list of our favourite places to eat in the welcome book in your room – let us know if you find a new gem! And as always, our staff will be pleased to help with reservations or transport.